Cord Blood Banking Information

Public Cord Blood Banking:

Canadian Blood Services’ Cord Blood bank collects voluntarily donated cord blood units form mothers across Canada. There is no cost to donate your baby’s cord blood, unfortunately ONLY the following hospitals currently participate in this program.

  • The Ottawa Hospital General Campus
  • The William Osler Health System’s Brampton Civic Hospital
  • The Alberta Health services’ Lois Hole Hospital for Women – in Edmonton
  • The BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre in Vancouver

For more information in regards to Public donations:

Private Cord Blood Banking:

Choosing to pursue private cord blood banking is a personal decision based on individual values and preferences.

Several companies provide private cord blood banking, which means that the cord blood collected will be stored for you and your family’s use. There is a personal private cost for this service which is NOT covered by Alberta Health Care. These costs may vary slightly from company to company. More information can be obtained at the following websites:

In order to bank your baby’s cord blood, you will need to submit a registration form and fee early enough to receive your collection kit before given birth. It is recommended you register before the end of your 34th week of gestation.  Please talk to you doctor if you have any questions about cord blood banking.

For your convenience when filling out your application
Hospital site: Rockyview General Hospital
Phone (403) 943-3000
Unit 62
Phone (403) 943-3562 Fax (403) 943-3317

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