Labour & Delivery

Our group delivers out of the Rockyview General Hospital where our physicians are available for around-the-clock coverage for our patients. The information below will provide you with some important information that will help guide you from admission, to delivery, and then to discharge.

Patients in labour should proceed to the Women’s Specialty Unit, on the 6th floor of the hospital. Please proceed through the Main Entrance of the hospital, and follow the main corridor until you reach the elevators. Exit right on the 6th floor, and follow the posted signage until you reach the triage desk. A unit clerk is present at all times of day to assist you with registration.

When Should I Go To The Hospital

  • Water Breaking (sudden large gush of fluid, or a persistent leak of clear fluid)
  • Onset of Labour (contractions <5 minutes apart, lasting a minute per contraction, and taking your breath away)
  • Vaginal Bleeding (bright red blood from the vagina)
  • Decreased Fetal Movements (5 or less movements over a 2 hour period)
  • All After-Hours Concerns
  • After 36 weeks of pregnancy, your physician will provide you with a copy of your pre-natal record. Please ensure that you have this on hand at all times. While we attempt to ensure that your files are sent to the hospital in advance of your delivery, your copy is often the most up to date.

Packing for the Hospital 

  • Alberta Personal Health Card and other insurance cards (e.g., Blue Cross)
  • Alberta Prenatal Record (given by your health care provider)
  • Housecoat, slippers, pajamas or other comfortable clothing (many women choose to wear the hospital gowns)
  • Maternity Underwear
  • Nursing Bras
  • Toiletries, (Shampoo, Conditioner, Floss, and Shampoo)
  • Feminine Pads (Always®, Kotex®)
  • Cell Phone and Charger
  • Clothing to Wear Home (loose fitting)
  • Black pen (to fill out forms)

Can I Show Up to Any Hospital to Deliver My Baby?

Simply put, no. If you are receiving prenatal care out of our office, it is important to present to the Rockyview General Hospital for your labour and any other after-hours concerns. Other hospital including South Health Campus are consistently faced with capacity issues. Patients are often transferred during labour to their designated hospital if presenting to another hospital.

What If My Delivery Does Not Go As Planned?

Not all labours go exactly as planned. Don't be alarmed. Having a baby is hard work and can take time. A Cesarean sections is always a possibility during labour, but is only performed when continuing with labour is no longer possible (ex. an exhausted mother) or is deemed to be unsafe (ex. the baby is in distress).

How Long Will I Stay in Hospital After Delivery?

Patients typically remain in hospital for 24 hours after a vaginal delivery, and 48 hours after a Cesarean section. Each patient is unique and hospital stays can sometimes be longer.

Do I Need a Birth Plan?

Some patients have heard about birth plans from friends or during prenatal classes. While a formal birth plan is certainly not required, we feel patients should at least give some thought to their labour preferences such as pain control during labour, or who they choose to be in the delivery room as a support person. Efforts will be made to support birth plans, provided they do not conflict with hospital policy (ex. open flames from candles). The objective of the delivering physician is always to preserve and promote the health of the mother and her baby - before, during, and after delivery.

Can Cord Blood Collection be Performed at my Request?

Yes. Cord blood collection is typically straightforward to facilitate. In the event of a medical emergency however, a mother and baby's health takes precedence over cord blood collection.

What is Delayed Cord Clamping?

Delayed cord clamping is a practice where the delivery physician waits to clamp the cord after birth. A delay of 45-60 seconds is all that is necessary. In a routine, uneventful delivery, this is standard procedure. Delayed cord clamping may not be performed if a baby is not vigorous after birth and needs immediate resuscitation.

Will My Maternity Care Provider be Present for My Delivery?

For patient safety reasons, patients are delivered by the dedicated on-call physician. The on-call physician is one who shares call responsibilities with your prenatal care provider as part of a call group. All members of the call group adhere to the same hospital and regional guidelines.

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