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3 Tips For Preparing For Your Baby’s Birth

With a baby on the way, you are probably overwhelmed with an array of emotions and stressed about what’s coming. But you don’t have to be. If you take the right steps, you can prepare yourself for the birth of your baby. 

3 Tips To Help You Prepare For Baby’s Birth  

1. Understanding Your Preferences
You may have heard about birth plans from friends or during prenatal classes. While a formal birth plan is certainly not required, we feel you should at least give some thought to your labour preferences. Efforts will be made to support birth plans, provided they do not conflict with hospital policy (ex. open flames from candles). The objective of the delivering physician is always to preserve and promote the health of the mother and her baby – before, during, and after delivery. There is a possibility that your birth plan is not followed. It is possible that your mind may change during delivery. You may not want an epidural initially but find the pain overwhelming as you experience it. Sometimes the events of the delivery will guide the actions of the hospital team, despite the team’s desire to fulfill your preferences.

Your preferences can include any of the following (whatever makes you comfortable):

  • Ideal labor 
  • Choice of labor companions
  • Pain management preferences
  • Newborn care and procedures afterward
  • Preferences in case of a non-emergency caesarean birth
  • Infant feeding preference
  • Any religious or cultural beliefs you want to have at the time of delivery

A birth plan will help you learn about what you want when it comes to birth. Take your time to sort out your plan, so you are comfortable and ready. If you are unsure, run it by your specialist at your maternity clinic in Calgary. 


2. Build Up and Use your support network. 

You might feel that you entirely alone when it comes to your pregnancy, and your journey into motherhood, but that is not the case at all. You have an extensive support network that you have access to that will help you when need it. Maintain relationships with your close friends and your family as the pregnancy nears its end. They are your support network, so to prepare yourself for motherhood, spend time with them. You will feel loved, supported and most importantly, comfortable in knowing that you have their emotional support when the baby arrives! 

3. Ditch The Stress

Yes, this is easier said than done, but for the health of your baby – and for you – you have to ditch the stress in your life. You will be overwhelmed at times, and you might think that it is all too much for you to handle, but you have to develop a routine so you know you can relax in the most stressful of moments. Ask your partner for support, or speak to your specialist at your maternity or IUD clinic in Calgary about developing a system. 

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